They explained South groups given that perceiving exact same-sex dating and homosexuality as the lives choices that folks normally manage

The fresh interviewees revealed the newest Northern while the a famous destination for tourists and as the center of St. Lucian tourism. It interpreted tourist because contributing seriously on the greater level of threshold it knowledgeable inside the Northern area. Thus, of several interviewees told me this particular added those who work in the new Northern in order to keeps “better” expertise and you may endurance away from differences in sex. When asked so you can advanced for her enjoy involving the North and South, Priscilla said one to:

“there are a great number of tourist on Northern, so members of the individuals components try trained to feel knowledgeable while the if they discriminate it does damage our tourism globe and that i thrive into the in St. Lucia”

“He is more modern there are a lot of travelers while i in the morning for the reason that environment there are a great number of each person very locals is actually however far more open-minded”

Owing to interacting with LGB some one, the newest interviewees explained you to Northerners bettered its rational comprehension of sex one improved their levels of endurance. Jamal, a gay men exactly who spent their youthfulness growing right up from the Southern area however now resides in the new Northern, said one:

“We have a lot of holiday providers (individuals off vacation) in your community, thus a lot of my personal co-professionals keeps read becoming knowledgeable of all of the those who are additional…”

Interviewees and said sense whatever they translated once the differences in individuals’ knowledge of exact same-intercourse relationships between your Northern and Southern area. Whenever expected to describe as to why located in the Northern tends to make him delighted, Leyroy explained:

“Folks are knowledgeable right up here, most of the people up to myself is wise anyone, speaking of people that learn I can’t alter the way I in the morning…”

The newest interviewees as well as connected Southern attitude into the LGB those with the newest lack of academic information in South groups. Specific interviewees detected deficiencies in education due to the fact leading to particular put ideas out-of sexuality one encouraged Southern area intolerance:

“he’s bad they can not afford to become knowledgeable, and consider are Gay try an illness otherwise a good curse.” (Maria, a citizen regarding Northern of one’s Area)

It said one to Northerners try raised in the a world of deeper range than their South co-workers letting them interact socially having the ones from various other religions, sexualities, and ethnicities

“Really country people are perhaps not experienced, for this reason I think I had instance crappy experience” (Marionette, a citizen regarding Northern of Isle)

Stress, stress, and you may security had been points along with vocalized of the members. Inside the light having and you will seeing greater quantities of intolerance during the the Southern area, interviewees claimed perception safer during the North cities and you may towns towards Area, and perception stressed, scared, and stressed while in Southern towns and cities. Martin who really works in the North, however, commutes to the south to have functions motives, told me you to:

“I believe less dangerous regarding Northern, anybody remove gay those with value right here, they are a whole lot more acceptant of everyone who is some other, it is the just put on the newest island where I believe secure to focus without having to review my personal shoulder the enough time”

“Since We sensed secure right up Northern travelling suggested which i are fun away from my personal rut, involved in the brand new North I believe happier and you can safe right here anyone be much more acceptant”

Sub-Theme: Regionalized Passing

Interviewees explained switching the way they shown the sexual identity whenever travelling involving the North and you will South districts. When in this new Southern interviewees said to provide their intimate name in order to other people as heterosexual. When asked about his knowledge from take a trip amongst the North and you may this new Southern area, one to participant said:

“In the event your cross Castries towards those individuals town, it is like your during the last as time passes so as that is actually in which I must plunge between exactly who I’m and just who needed us to be, It is style of weird.” Whenever asked just what the guy suggested because of the “who I’m and you may who they require me to getting” he answered “I want to behave like a level son to have my coverage.”

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